Glitter Bombs, Miracles, and Mica

mica wall finish pearl decorative art interior design

“Glitter bomb!” These words probably make you grin (assuming you’re not the one cleaning up!)

I’ve always wondered why we like glittering objects. Chances are, as you’re reading this, you’re wearing something shiny . . . a ring, earrings, a watch.

The latest theory  . . .

“Bàs” – It’s How You Spell Relief

The Uniqueness of Relief Art


Do you remember the first time you saw a smart-phone or a digital video recorder (DVR, like Tivo)? It was so different from anything you’d seen before that you had to stop and investigate.

I had that same feeling when I saw the award-winning bàs-relief work of Ellie Ellis of Elite Artistry, and that was after I already had experience with low bàs relief in my fine art work.

Scandalous Murals Create a Big Impression

Anatomy of a Mural

Completed geisha mural decorative art interior design

Creating murals is a great way to dramatically change a room and pique the interest of a viewer. Technically, you can trace murals all the way back to cave paintings. Heck, I have reproduction petroglyphs on my living room wall. Our modern ideas were predominately imported from Europe into colonial America, and the trend continued onward.

From a traditional landscape in an elegant dining room to colorful animals in a child’s room, murals can be tailored to a client’s desire with different styles, color palettes, and techniques.

Outlet Eyesore? Switch It Up with Faux Camouflage!


Let’s say you’ve just spent a large amount of time and energy on a new kitchen remodel. You selected a yummy, patterned backsplash. Then right smack in the middle of that stunning tile pattern is an electrical outlet or switch plate. It’s enough to make a design aficionado grumpy.

Fortunately, there’s no need to suffer with those offending switch plates!

11 Tips for Family-Friendly Faux


Are you afraid that designing with kids in the home (or dog, cat, sloppy spouse) means that the house will end up looking like Bart Simpson lives there?

On the other hand, if you don’t design with kids in mind, you end up with rooms where nobody is allowed to set foot. You know – the formal living room in your Great Aunt’s house with the white carpet, silk-covered sofa, and a collection of china figurines at child eye-level.

Walls are a major consideration when thinking about an attractive and durable home. From crayons and grape-jelly fingerprints to Xbox remotes that accidentally go flying, wall finishes in family homes take a beating.

You Know What’s Under the (Vent) Hood. But What’s on Top?

The modern stove hearkens back to the traditional cooking hearth as one of the most important places in our home. Now, as it was then, the cooking area is the heart of the kitchen. When you look for someplace to add an extra flair or make a statement, the stove hood is a natural focal-point. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or old-world, a specialty vent finish can be the star of the kitchen.

Glaze It! Advanced

Every client wants a designer who designs for them. They want a designer who presents the right design or solution, especially when it’s an option they might not have discovered on their own.

High-end clients necessitate high-end designs.

If you . . .

Glaze It! Basics


Do you take pride in being a go-to resource for your clients? I don’t know one interior designer who doesn’t.

Your client needs a walnut, Tudor armoire? No problem. You know the perfect showroom. A Spanish Revival tile design? You know where to find the tile and who should install it.

Many home enthusiasts are spot on as well, knowing what they want and with whom to talk.

What about walls? Do you know what’s available beyond standard paint? Maybe you’re familiar with glazes, but there’s a gap between your familiarity and knowing how and what to recommend to your clients or choose from for yourself. . . .